Today we began looking at ways to randomly select “subjects” or individuals for a study.  The powerpoint for this lesson will be put up this weekend.

Questions you should be able to answer:

What is randomness?

What are ways you can use to select random subjects?

What do you input into your calculator? BRING YOUR GRAPHING CALCULATOR EVERYDAY!

How do you use a random number table? (save this!)

How do you simulate situations with existing probabilities?

**** Sorry class was ended in a rush.  Yesterday the bells were delayed and I assumed they would be today as well.  The homework is to read Section 5.3 in your text.  Look through the questions in the packet I distributed and make sure you can answer questions 1-5.  You don’t have to write down your answer.  I realize that we answered some of the questions already in class.  If you are feeling statistically inclined, you may look ahead in the packet and try some of the simulation problems.  In class Friday, we will go through the specific process of conducting a simulation***.