So far, we have completed these units:

Mini Unit: Randomness & Simulations

Unit #1: Producing Data: Surveys, Observational Studies, and Experiments (Chapter 5)

Unit #2: Exploring Data: Displaying Distributions with Graphs, Describing Distributions with Numbers, Measures of Relative Standing and Density Curves, Normal Distributions

We will be spiraling back into these units frequently, because this course builds on each topic.  The more you review and study now, the less cramming you will have to do come midterm and AP exam time. 

Unit Project: Sampling and Experimental Design Group Project

With your group, please put together the following write -up for your project:

1) Investigative Question

What question did your group choose to investigate?  What design did you choose?  Why did you choose this topic and what were your predictions? What population are you looking at?

2) Methodology or Design Plan

What is your sample size and group?  What is your sampling method?  How did you use randomization?  How did you control for other variables?  Describe your design plan in detail so that it is replicable.  But be concise as well.

3) Data and Graphical Display

Provide your raw data in an organized manner.  Create at least one (but potentially more) graphical display(s) of your data.  You choose which graphical display you think will be best for this.  Make sure to label everything appropriately.

4) Analysis and Conclusion

Analyze your results.  What can you conclude from your data?  Calculate appropriate summary statistics, if applicable.  Is it what you expected?  Are your results statistically significant?

We have covered all the concepts that are relevant for this project thus far, so make sure to use this knowledge to inform your write-up.

Please provide a draft of all of this by November 23rd (the day before Thanksgiving) or earlier.  Earlier is better.  I would like a hard copy and an electronic copy if possible.  There will be no extensions for this deadline, and no more in class time.