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Inference Power Points

Please see inference section.  Chapters 20 and 21…all standard powerpoints can be accessed here.


Power Points Link

On this website, refer to Chapter 18, 19, 23 (Sampling Distributions and Confidence Intervals for Means & Proportions)

sampling distributions

along with reading chapter 9, you may want to take a look at these power points on sampling distributions:


finishing up regression

Here is a link to a powerpoint on re-expression:

Here is a link to a powerpoint on regression wisdom:

Here is a wikipedia summary of regression towards the mean:


Ch3 Examining Relationships Answer Key to Multiple Choice

Page 1: A, E, B

Page 2: B, C, A

Page 3: B, C

Page 4: C, E, D

Page 5: D, C, B

Page 6: C, A

Page 7: D, B, A

Page 8: C,  #21 – C or E is okay, maybe C is a little better


Page 10: A, B

Page 11: E, C

Page 12: A, E, D

Page 13: D, B, E, A  (For #32, I contest answer choice D though)

Page 14: E, A, D, A

Page 15: A

Page 16-17: D, B, E

Page 18: B, B


Chapter 3 Power Points and Links to Formula Tables

Distribution Tables (not necessary for this unit on correlation)

Formula Sheet

Linear Regression Power Point (One Version)

Regression Wisdom Power Point

Linear Regression (Another one) Power Point

Chapter 7 Random Variables Power Point

Chapter 7 Random Variables Power Point